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ClickOnHR™ Press Release: ‘Humans Helping Human’ Referral Program

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, and MIDLAND, TEXAS, USA - April 22, 2020 – ClickOnHR™, a Virtual HR Audit and Advisory firm today announced a Referral Incentive Program entitled ‘Humans Helping Humans’.

ClickOnHR™, which offers an array of HR Services including: audit, advisory, recruiting, on-boarding, and anything that falls under the HR & Compliance umbrella, announced a new initiative to put extra money in people’s pockets through their ‘Humans Helping Humans’ program. Through this referral incentive program, ClickOnHR™ offers monetary compensation to anyone who refers HR Services & Recruiting Services that yields new partners.

The ‘Humans Helping Humans’ referral program is being launched as a result of the plunging oil prices in addition to the COVID-19 outbreak that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of employees losing their jobs in 2020. These drastic times prompted CEO, Rya Stone to beg the question “How can we help other people and businesses during these trying times while we continue to grow our business?”

“ClickOnHR has a strategic geographic presence and is a fast growing leader in  the virtual HR Advisory & Compliance realm, which is a perfect fit for companies that do not have a full-fledged HR Team anywhere in the world,” said Rya Stone, CEO of ClickOnHR™. “Being able to work with clients all through U.S., Canada and Mexico, while we have boots on the ground in Midland, TX and Houston, TX, two of the largest Oil & Gas hubs in the U.S., we have been able to offer an industry-first value proposition”.

ClickOnHR™ is one of the millions of businesses that has been impacted by the COVID-19 disaster. As a an ever-evolving business themselves, ClickOnHR™ has had to brainstorm and think outside the box in order to maintain business growth, now driven by the need to give back and help our friends and connections in the community.

About ClickOnHR™ LLC
With Offices in Houston, TX and Midland, TX, ClickOnHR™ is a full-service Audit and Advisory firm that offers on-demand and outsourced HR Services to start-ups & fast growing businesses. Whether it is adhering to I-9 compliance, FLSA re-organizations, HR software implementations, Talent Acquisition & Human Capital Management(HCM), developing employee handbooks,  ClickOnHR™ partners with clients to customize the HR Solution that works best for their organization.

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Hope Deanda
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