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Talent Recruitment & Retention

At ClickonHR, we design scalable recruiting solutions that match your business needs to make you successful. When you land that major contract or when launch a new service or product, we serve as an extension of your company and recruiting partner for your talent demands. If you’re experiencing consistently rapid growth, we can serve as an extension of your company to maintain an ongoing recruiting process & talent pool.

We work on a continuum of scope and scale to match your business needs to deliver solutions across the range of possibilities.

Talent Recruitment 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) & Project Based Recruiting

We work on your company’s behalf to post roles, pre-screen, schedule interviews, reference check, onboard, and complete new hire orientation when you fully outsource the recruitment process to us. We are also available to work with you hand-in-hand if you prefer we utilize your business design, methodology, and technology to accomplish this.

Our project-based recruiting service includes sourcing, qualifying, and aligning candidates, as well as coordinating interviews, making offers, and providing onboarding support. Ultimately, we create recruiting strategies that help you meet your timeline, simplify processes, reduce costs, and ensure long tenure.

Executive & Retained Search

Confidentiality, time, and non-compete clauses are the 3 most critical factors we evaluate in a retained search. We understand the significant impact this candidate will have on your bottom line and overall company performance with the specialized industry specific knowledge & experience they can bring. We move with speed to recruit the right talent, from both ‘on the market’ & ‘off the market & not looking’ candidate pools in U.S. for your company

Direct Hire

Every employee you hire is an investment your business makes. A bad hire costs you more than just losing your customers’ confidence; losing productivity and interrupted projects can cost between $10,000 and $30,000 in a small business. Understanding what you want, what your business needs, and what your future employee desires is how we ensure that you hire the right employee that fits effortlessly into your company culture.

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Talent Retention

The majority of businesses lack an employee retention strategy. With the economy improving and the job market heating up, especially for fast growing companies, you may find that employee retention, especially of your top performers, has become increasingly difficult. Losing your best people not only damages your productivity, disrupts current and potential leadership, and reduces company morale, it also helps your competitors.


Having to match a competitor's job offer in order to retain your top performers is NOT a retention strategy — it only incentivizes employees to seek outside job offers and ask you to match them. You may feel that a formal retention strategy is a big investment, but it's actually not as expensive as it sounds considering people and productivity is usually a company’s biggest asset. It will, in fact, save you money in the long run, while also helping you recruit top talent and increasing your company's overall productivity and morale.

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