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We're Hiring!

Are you a college student looking to add more to your resume than a list of courses and a mere GPA? Are you excited by the idea of starting your career now, rather than waiting on your degree? Do you want all of this and to be paid for it?

Here at ClickOnHR, our interns are thrown into a fun, fast-paced environment where they are taught to take their knowledge outside of the classroom and put their skills to use in the real world of business. Our Internship Program is unique in that we encourage all of our interns to have a voice in the company and to learn and grow during your time with us through shadowing opportunities and taking part in cross-functional projects. You'll also get a chance to sit down with our clients, senior executives, learn about their background and dig a little deeper into how they got where they are today while they share advice on things that helped them along the way.


  • Maintains confidentiality

  • Excellent listening, communication and writing skills

  • Works with integrity and ethically

  • Upholds organizational values

  • Possess knowledge of Microsoft Office tools such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint

If this sounds like the job for you, we'd love to hear it and make it happen

Click here to apply!

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