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3 Ways Your Company Can Acknowledge & Celebrate Black History Month

Black history month honors African American people’s struggles, experiences, and achievements.

As a business leader, your corporate practices have the power to impact not only your own employees, but the community at large. By encouraging education, discussion, celebration and focusing on Black culture and its contribution to society, you can be part of an essential movement towards a more inclusive society and workforce. Here are three ways to celebrate Black History Month at work.

  • Host a virtual Lunch & Learn series where you invite Black History Month speakers to share their experiences in the workplace and how your team can contribute to creating a safe and inclusive workplace for Black employees.

  • Establish an Employee Resource Group (ERG) if your organization hasn’t yet. ERGs create a safe space for historically underrepresented groups and help promote workplace diversity. Once you have established ERGs, company leaders can show support by providing Black ERGs with a budget to carry out Black History Month programs. Leaders can connect with ERGs to see what they have planned for the month and help share these events across the company to increase participation.

  • You can support Black-owned non-profit organizations and relevant charitable causes by organizing a volunteer event for your team. Helping out organizations that support the Black community or civil rights can be a meaningful way to honor Black history in your community.

Celebrating this month reminds us of the contributions and sacrifices made by black men and women.

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