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Brainteaser Interview Questions or Meeting Ice Breakers

Brain teasers are useful for assessing a number of necessary workplace skills. Answering brain teasers correctly can involve critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and close listening skills. For these reasons, they’re commonly used during interviews to see how well and how quickly a candidate can think on his or her feet. You can use them as ice breakers for meetings as well! Question 1: You’re standing outside a room with no windows. The room has three light bulbs and three switches outside the room. Each switch controls one of the light bulbs. You may only enter the room one time. How can you find out what switch goes to each light bulb? Answer: To find out what switch goes to what light bulb, you could turn on the first switch and wait five minutes. After five minutes have passed, turn off the first switch and turn on the second switch. Look for the warm light bulb when you walk back into the room. The light that’s on goes to the second switch, the warm light bulb goes to the first switch and the last lightbulb goes to the third switch. Question 2: You stand before two doors. One leads to the treasure, the other to certain death. Before each door is a guard. One always tells the truth; the other always lies. Answer: Ask, ‘Do both of the doors lead to the exit?’ The liar would say yes, and it’s pretty obvious which door to go through after that. I know I got it right! Question 3: You are in a race and you overtake the person who is in second place. What is your position now? Answer: If you are running a race and you passed the second person, Then there is one person ahead of you, i.e., the person who is at the first position. So, You will be in the second place.

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