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Employee Termination

🚨Employee terminations are never easy!🚨

If done incorrectly, they can become your worst nightmare. Here are a few pointers to help you be in compliance:

✅Do you have a full understanding of the laws affecting terminations in your state?

✅What are the Rights of Whistleblowers?

✅What Regulations prohibit discrimination and retaliation?

✅Are there Laws that can circumvent at-will employment?

✅Do you have an outlined performance management system?

✅How to proactively provide notice of performance deficiencies

✅How to reverse past inaccurate reviews (if any)?

✅Determine when you should skip performance management and move directly to termination

✅Do you have a Step-by-step guide to carrying out the termination?

✅Are you prepared for and effectively dealing with a volatile employee?

✅Do you have a detailed post-termination checklist?

✅How to communicate the termination to co-workers without invading on the employee’s privacy?

✅What is the appropriate response to prospective employer inquiries to avoid triggering claims for defamation?

Need help? Contact us at @ClickOnHR or e-mail

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