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How To Use SEO Best Practices To Boost Recruitment & Hiring

Every organization needs a great workforce to be productive. Therefore, you should have a database of highly-qualified potential employees for recruitment. And as newspapers’ classified advert sections are becoming outdated, there is a need to optimize the internet to effectively build a quality talent pool.

However, optimizing the internet for a perfect talent pool requires incorporating the best SEO practices. It will help your web page for a job posting rank high on search results and make it visible to potential candidates. With this, you can reach more significant and better job seekers to deepen your talent pool.

This article will look at how you can use best SEO practices to boost your talent pool.

SEO Best Practices to Deepen Your Talent Pool

Engage Job Listing Sites

Most Job seekers prefer visiting websites that list available job vacancies because it creates an easy route to finding their dream jobs. Similarly, google usually rank job listing sites more than the company website’s career pages. Hence, you may need to post your company’s job openings on these sites in their respective jobseeker boards. However, you should only post your job openings on relevant job listing sites that display on Google’s first page of search results. With this, your job posting will be visible to related searches by potential candidates.

Mobile friendly and efficient

It is not enough to just have your site viewable on mobile devices and call it mobile-friendly. Nowadays, over 80% percent of job seekers report using a mobile device during their job search. Transforming your traditional recruitment process into one that is mobile-friendly can significantly improve your candidate experience. Making your site efficient and appear pleasing or attractive on smaller screens will definitely allow job seekers to smoothly access your sites during their search. Your mobile sites should be attractive, effective and the website’s copy must be easy to read and navigate.

Create Content with Relevant Keywords

Ensuring to use relevant keywords is one of the best SEO practices. Ensure to search for the most likely keywords an applicant looking for a role similar to your job posting will type on Google search and strategically insert them into your content. Add some keywords to your title tag, and URL. Also, be more specific, and give necessary information only. This will help streamline the application process to create a more applicant-friendly experience.

Add Relevant Images and Video

Images properly representing your company and its core values can entice potential employees. It will make them easily picture themselves in the new work environment. Ensure that the images used have the correct file size and include the keywords in the file name for effective SEO optimization. Large image files slow down page loading time, affecting site ranking in search results. Similarly, videos are important ways to engage prospective employees. It allows you to highlight in detail the job vacancy. And videos get more organic search rankings compared to plain text due to lesser competition. They also help improve your online visibility.

Share Your Job Posting

Allow your job post to be shared on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. It helps your post rank higher on search results. Also encourage your employees to share any job posting on their social media with hashtags; this will help rank your post. It will also give room to quality prospects from some of your most exemplary employee’s friends. Similarly, you can create related backlinks to your job post by posting to relevant free job boards. It’s also an important SEO best practice.

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