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HR Tip: How to Ask for Bonus From Your Boss

As you exceed standards at work, you may want to request a bonus. Talking money is a bit of a taboo subject. We find it difficult to talk about salaries and even more difficult to ask for an increase or bonus. However, there will come a time in most people’s career when they need to have the conversation about a pay raise or bonus to bring their salary into alignment with extra work, responsibility or a step-up in level.

There are critical factors when it comes to asking for a bonus. They are:

Consideration About The Company

First of all, consider asking if your company is struggling with finances.

Though, there might be personal reasons for not giving you the bonus.

Consider The Timing To Ask For Bonus From The Boss

Timing is important when asking for a bonus or pay rise. You need to show that you are professional, so make sure that you have plenty of time to get your reasons across and have the full attention of your manager. Catching them when they are popping out for lunch, or in a team meeting, won’t be ideal.

Communicate Your Performance

Bring facts, examples and figures to really show what you’ve achieved. If you’ve brought in huge revenue for the company, have your numbers ready — along with estimations of a percentage that you wish to be paid.

Be Prepared Before You Ask For Bonus From Your Boss

Don’t be vague. Be confident in your approach and ask for what you think you’re worth. Your employer will ask you what you think the bonus you’re requesting should be, so don’t go all shy here. State your case, what you want and why. Be prepared for some negotiation, so have a figure in mind that you will accept.

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