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Mindfulness In The Workplace

Workplace mindfulness is the degree to which individuals are mindful in their work setting. A mindful employee will take in what is happening in the workplace and not react to it, rather, simply taking in information from their surroundings.

Well, it means that throughout the working day, at any one time, employees’ mindfulness is variable; they may be closely paying attention, non-judgmentally, in a meeting – focused on whatever the presenter is talking about. Or, perhaps, later in the day they are less mindful and are sitting staring at the computer wondering what to cook for dinner.

So, the person has the capacity to be mindful, however their mindfulness at any one time is variable.

Why is it Important?

Job satisfaction and motivation

In other words, when something challenging happens at work, a mindful employee will not simply react and judge what is happening emotionally, rather they will consider it with a more adaptive attitude.

Work stress and mindfulness

Another reason why mindfulness is important is because it can help combat and manage employee stress. Chronic stress is a widespread problem in society, perhaps most especially at work.

Leadership development

Can help improve high potential development in business.

Enhanced employee engagement

It is important in the workplace because it can enhance engagement and decrease burnout. It is shown that employees’ investment in their jobs is associated with greater employee satisfaction, lower intention of turnover and increased organizational behaviors.

Coping with change

Help employees cope with organizational change. These days, change is a predominant feature of the workplace. Research shows that a large reason why efforts for workplace change often fail is employee resistance. Mindfulness can help employees cope with change – it may reduce the stress that is associated with loss of job control that often occurs with organizational change.

Examples of Mindfulness in the Workplace

  1. Be consciously present

  2. Use short mindful exercises at work

  3. Be a single-tasker

  4. Feel gratitude

  5. Cultivate humility

  6. Accept what you can’t change

  7. Adopt a growth mindset

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